In the spirit of the Benedictine Hallmarks of hospitality and stability, the Belmont House on Capitol Hill is in service to the church and country.

Our doors are open! We hope you will join us and be a part of this work to restore the witness of faith to its rightful place in the public square.

Welcome to the Belmont House in Washington D.C.

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Why Abbot Placid Solari, O.S.B. believes the Belmont House is so crucial now.

"Belmont Abbey College is excited for the opportunity to plant a seed in our nation's capital. We now extend in our spirit of hospitality, our presence, and prayer at a time in our country's history when religion and faith are being pushed out of public life for those who are standing up for our religious freedoms and who are proclaiming the good news of the Gospel."

—Abbot Placid Solari O.S.B.

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